Sunday, October 4, 2020

How to make paypal gift or friends and family payment

 At all marketing trends we accept only friends and family payment. We also charge extra 10% from the money we will receive.

Because our website currency is equal value to bitcoin, webmoney and perfectmoney. Unfortunately,  paypal currency value is very less than bitcoin, webmoney and perfectmoney. For this reason this extra 10% is the currency conversion charge.

How to make paypal gift or friends and family payment?

Only a few country in world have friends and family / gift payment option.

After click on the more button you can see a drop down menu like below image. From there click on send a gift.

After click on send a gift it will take you to a new page as like below image. Insert there our paypal email and click Next.

On the next page enter the amount you want to pay and select currency USD. Please see below image for your easy understanding.

Now click on continue button and complete the payment. Don't write any note on add a message box. Keep it blank.

Friday, August 21, 2020

What is the best smm panel for YouTube

YouTube is not only a video sharing site but also a search engine too. YouTube is the largest video sharing site in world. You will get all kind of video at YouTube. It's monetization features made it number one video sharing platform in world. Now you can make money from your video on YouTube. This is hard to grow your YouTube channel organically. For this reason you must need to use the best smm panel for YouTube.

best smm panel for YouTube

YouTube is all in one social media platform. It can give you entertainment, popularity and money! For these reasons all people use YouTube for their daily needs, entertainment and money making purpose. Proper us of our game changing service can take your YouTube channel to the next label.

What is the best smm panel for YouTube

There are plenty of YouTube smm panel over the internet. This is really hard to find out the best one. After using various smm panel over past two years I found all marketing trends is the best smm panel for YouTube.

Why all marketing trends is the best smm panel for YouTube

First of all marketing trends is the main provider for YouTube services. You will get all services at wholesale rate. They provide best quality service in the market.

They provide both monetizable and non monetizable views service. If you want to monetize your video then you have to buy monetizable views. If you want to just rank your video and don't want to monetize then you can buy non monetizable views.

All marketing trends is only watch time service provider in world. You can get expected amount of watch time on your video to become eligible for monetization.

They provide high quality and non drop subscribers services. You can get both worldwide and country targeted subscribers from their smm panel.

Final words:

All marketing trends not only a smm panel but it's a brand. It has a brand value and good reputation on the industry. They provide world best customer support via skype, whatsapp and live chat. So, you can reach them easily and their customer support team is very responsive. So, whenever you have an intention to use a smm panel make sure to use all marketing trends for better experience.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Paytm payment details for all marketing trends

RS 77 = $1

Pay only with PAYTM only (no UPI, CARD / google pay or other)

Minimum payment: RS 385

Please scan below QR code and pay

After payment sent me these information. I will check and add your fund.

1. 18 digit order ID:

2. Amount send:

3. Your username on all marketing trends:

We are not from India and use other peoples account by request. Never pay a single penny without my confirmation as the QR code / account change time to time. Ask me every time before pay, I will confirm and sent you link for payment and you can pay.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Best smm panel for YouTube subscribers and watch time

There are thousands of smm panel over the world but all marketing trends is the only monetizable service provider in world. You can get monetizable YouTube subscribers and watch time to get adsense approval from us. We have many packages for watch time which can fit for any length of video. No matter how short of long your video is, we have package for it to get watch time. If you are searching for the Best smm panel for YouTube subscribers and watch time, this article is only for you.

Best smm panel YouTube watch time:

Do you have this question, what is the best smm panel for youtube watch time? Well, look no longer and read this article. All Marketing Trends is the best smm panel for youtube watch time. We have many package for watch time. So, you can get 4000 hours watch time in a few days.

Best smm panel YouTube subscribers:

All marketing trends is the best smm panel YouTube subscribers. You can get worldwide and usa targeted subscribers from our panel. We have non drop subscribers which will ensure you to never drop a single subscribers.

Whenever you are searching for a best smm panel for YouTube you can't ignore all marketing trends. We have all kind of YouTube services which can help you to grow and go viral on YouTube within short period of time.

Another thing: all marketing trends is the first smm panel which app is available on google play store. You can get our smm panel app directly from google play store. All website facilities have on this app. Make sure to download it and install right now and explore the smm world.

Getting a cheap and reliable smm panel in not an easy task. There are hundreds of fake smm panel over here and there. So, make sure to check out their service page and see there has average time option of not. If any smm panel have no average time, then stay away from that.