Sunday, October 4, 2020

How to make paypal gift or friends and family payment

 At all marketing trends we accept only friends and family payment. We also charge extra 10% from the money we will receive.

Because our website currency is equal value to bitcoin, webmoney and perfectmoney. Unfortunately,  paypal currency value is very less than bitcoin, webmoney and perfectmoney. For this reason this extra 10% is the currency conversion charge.

How to make paypal gift or friends and family payment?

Only a few country in world have friends and family / gift payment option.

After click on the more button you can see a drop down menu like below image. From there click on send a gift.

After click on send a gift it will take you to a new page as like below image. Insert there our paypal email and click Next.

On the next page enter the amount you want to pay and select currency USD. Please see below image for your easy understanding.

Now click on continue button and complete the payment. Don't write any note on add a message box. Keep it blank.